Passionate about bringing its music to audiences beyond the concert hall, Fireworks devotes part of its time each year to educational activities through short- and long-term residencies at community centers, schools, colleges, and universities.  The ensemble has participated in Chamber Music America’s Residency Partnership Program, Carnegie Hall’s Musical Connections, and the Oregon Bach Festival Composer’s Symposium, and has held residencies at The Hartt School, The Hotchkiss School, The KLT School, The Manchester Music Festival, and Williams College, among others.


Guided Performance

All Ages — 45-60 Minutes

In a concert/workshop format, Fireworks performs some of its favorite repertoire from recent touring programs, guiding the audience through a wide range of musical styles with demonstrations, discussions, and question-and-answer periods. Perfect for schools, nursing homes, senior citizen centers, community centers, libraries, YMCA’s, after-school programs, and shelters.  Concerts are customized for specific ages and communities.

Meet Fireworks

Kindergarten – 8th Grade — 45 Minutes

Fireworks introduces the string, wind, and percussion instruments used in the ensemble in an engaging, interactive way. The ensemble will perform short excerpts from its favorite touring programs between introductions.  Concerts are customized for specific grades and ages.

Side by Side

5th – 12th Grade Band/Orchestra Students

Fireworks rehearses band or orchestra students to create a workshop performance of a score from its repertoire.  Students have the opportunity to be coached by Fireworks and to perform alongside the ensemble.

Master Classes & Ensemble Coachings

All Levels — 45-90 Minutes

Fireworks offers master classes to student ensembles and also individual instrumentalists.  Small ensembles can range from classical string quartets to rock bands. Workshops and guided rehearsals are also offered to school bands and/or orchestras. During a rehearsal of music the student ensemble has already learned, members of Fireworks focus on a range of ensemble skills, including but not limited to: dynamics, phrasing, style-appropriate playing, rhythmic accuracy, intonation, and articulations.

Lectures & Panel Discussions

College/University — 60 Minutes

Members of Fireworks have experience in a wide range of areas within the music world and offer lectures or open discussions on topics such as: “Extended Techniques,” “Instrument Care and Maintenance,” “Improvisation,” “The Music of Frank Zappa,” “Orchestration,” “Starting a Chamber Ensemble,” “Booking a Tour,” and “Building a Fan Base.”

Composer Readings

College/University & Graduate

Fireworks critiques and workshops compositions by student composers.  Working directly with the ensemble provides an invaluable opportunity for emerging composers to hear their works prepared and played by a professional ensemble. The group provides candid feedback to the composers on instrumentation, score and part writing, the etiquette of working with an ensemble in the “real world,” the music preparation process, and on using new compositional and instrumental techniques.