Fireworks and Empire State Youth Orchestra Premiere “Play”

Fireworks Ensemble with ESYO

Fireworks Ensemble and the Empire State Youth Orchestra present Play, February 11, 2017 at Proctors Theatre in Schenectady, NY.

From a world-premiere to the music of Grateful Dead and West Side Story, the young musicians of the Empire State Youth Orchestra and Fireworks Ensemble present an evening of musical collaboration that will “play” with the audience’s perceptions of contemporary American chamber and instrumental music.

The concert will blend Fireworks Ensemble’s contemporary American vision of chamber music with the talent of the New York capital region’s premier youth musicians. The night will showcase daring improvisation and chamber and orchestra performances that crisscross genres, and will include the world-premiere of Play by Fireworks director and bassist Brian Coughlin.

Commissioned by the Empire State Youth Orchestra through a grant from New Music USA, Play features the six members of Fireworks and the orchestra performing and improvising together through a roller coaster ride of musical styles.

In addition to the world-premiere of Play, Fireworks will also perform a set of uniquely arranged American classics that showcase the improvisation talents of the ensemble, including works by Derrick May, The Grateful Dead, Mercer Ellington and A Tribe Called Quest. The youth orchestra will perform Michael Torke’s stadium-rousing, Javelin, and a West Side Story medley alongside Fireworks.

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