None of the Above

Fireworks Ensemble

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The audacious, ground-breaking chamber music of American iconoclast FRANK ZAPPA. Fireworks presents a collection of rarely-heard gems and fan favorites in new arrangements created in collaboration with the Zappa Family Trust especially for the ensemble. With a pop vitality that conceals a compositional craftsmanship of mind-boggling complexity, Zappa’s music combines elements from a huge range of styles into a sound world all his own. Rock? Classical? Jazz? Zappa’s music remains thoroughly original and “None of the Above.”




Frank Zappa was a phenomenally gifted composer whose work bridges the worlds of classical and popular music like no other.

As a composer of serious “classical” music, Zappa’s music stands along side the most challenging and complex of the twentieth century, and has been championed by major classical ensembles and orchestras. As a rock musician, Zappa was a guitar hero and a popular music icon, selling thousands of records and touring throughout the world. For Zappa himself, however, it was ALL just MUSIC, no matter if it was played by an orchestra, a jazz big band, or a rock group. Refusing to limit himself to the conventions of any particular genre, Zappa embraced and combined disparate strands of his sonic universe to create unified musical expressions of incredible depth and originality. Zappa’s work presents a vision of music without barriers of style or genre. On a list of musical categories, Zappa’s music truly is “None of the Above.”

Equally daring in both their sophistication and vitality, Zappa’s highly virtuosic, vibrant works for instrumental rock ensemble proved that the rock band could be a powerful vehicle for serious composition. In collaboration with the Zappa Family Trust, Fireworks had the rare honor of being able to create new arrangements of works left unperformed at the time of the composer’s death along with favorites such as Big Swifty, Drowning Witch, The Black Page, and King Kong.