American Tapestry

From the shape-note singing of colonial New England to Ives and Copland, from blues to bluegrass, and from the Lindy Hop to hip hop, Fireworks ties together the diverse threads of America’s music.

“The group took the audience on a journey across America, traversing time and space to give us musical vignettes that showed the many similarities of seemingly disparate styles… Ensemble members demonstrated their ability to play in various styles with attention to detail and great authenticity, virtuosity, and style.” —Abel Searor, The Syracuse Post-Standard


The history of American music is a story of traditions and cultures from around the world colliding and being shaped in the hands musical visionaries—pioneers with a propensity for restless experimentation and discovery. Juxtaposing music from an extraordinary range of styles, American Tapestry celebrates the achievements of those pioneers and reveals threads that tie them together. Native American tunes find their way into American folk songs… folk melodies surface in the classical concert music of Charles Ives and Aaron Copland… fiddle tunes of European immigrants merge with the sounds of jazz to find a new voice in bluegrass and Cajun music… harmonies of African American spirituals and work songs bounce into the blues… blues patterns combine with classical harmonies to give rise to big band swing… American classical music feels the strong pull of jazz and popular music in the music of Leonard Bernstein and George Gershwin… and classical music and jazz find their way back into the urban dance music of techno and hip hop. It is music of extraordinary variety and originality, but all part of the same richly woven tapestry.


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